Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Beginnings

Did you have a nice New Year's? Mine was good, nothing too exciting, but good.

New Year's give everyone a fresh start, if they decide to take it, and my fresh start for this year was to learn a new technique.

This past year I knit several top down, raglan cardigans, but you know, there is something about the fit of set in sleeves that I love. Enter Jeri with an answer! A few needle gymnastics and she has created a top down, fitted, set in come raglan sleeve sweater. Actually, she has patterns for a couple of them on Ravelry, but I dove in with Ingrid.

As you can see, I am not too far into the actual knitting, but that would be page 9 of a very well written 14 page pattern!

Jeri is also half of the team that is bringing Metamorphosis KAL to life. Materials lists and measurement worksheets are up on the group, I just need to find a helper for my own measurements...anyone got a young, handsome, handy with a tape measure, male they want to loan me? No ? Then TDQ will have to do it.

I still need to stash dive for those projects...yes projects! If you thought all that was coming was a transformed lace sweater you would be wrong. Three shawls or two shawls and a scarf, along with two sweater versions could mean a lot of yarn!

Speaking of yarn, my Ingrid is being knit with gift yarn, which can mean only one thing.....when I am through with it someone get's their yarn back as a finished object!

I am off to stash dive, you never can tell what might be lurking in there!

Here's hoping your New Year is off to a good start!



Amanda said...

That is going to be stunning!

Jeri said...

Wonderful start to that sweater, Mary! I'm thrilled that you chose to knit my pattern, and hope you will knit one for yourself someday, too.
I would, however, call it a top down set-in-sleeve, as there is nothing raglan about it! The shoulders are very conventionally straight up and down.
Have fun with it!