Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Metamorphosis Part 2, Part 1

As those of you in the group know, new instructions were posted on Sunday for Metamorphosis.

This week was all about the sweaters, so the shawl is still sitting in its ziploc baggie.

Above you have the pullover version in a size 1. Isn't the color of that BB Toes just wonderful?

I have now divided for sleeves and converted the flat knitting into in the round knitting, with a little bit of start of round gymnastics to keep the lace pattern lined up. (I have to give a plug here for how well written this pattern is....I have been knitting a long time and was comfortable with just "flexing" the beginning of my round where I needed to without any help from the designers, but...for those who are not quite so daring there was a chart posted with suggestions for that "flex" that covered every imaginable starting point!)

You can tell from the picture that the top half of the knitting was rough blocked to double check my gauge and fit, but the bottom is all scrunched up freshly knit lace.

St Margaret progresses slowly.
Karen, I remembered that post by the Yarn Harlot last night too! I just now looked it up to link it and I did remember correctly how she put the cable back the wrong way! I think I remember that so well because, like many of her posts, I nearly choked to death on my coffee reading it! I don't know if it shows in this picture or not, but I did "sorta" decrease the noticability of the cable on the front..the rest can just stay the way they are! Perfection, it's a little over-rated in comfy house sweaters!

It is really hard to try and take in progress pictures on yourself!
More tomorrow!


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Amanda said...

Madam progresses beautifully. And as for that pullover: what a delight!