Sunday, October 5, 2014

In which little to no knitting was accomplished

I swear, by all the yarn in my stash (and there is a quite a bit in there) that one way or another I am going to get this work thing organized and running such that I am not wandering home at nearly bed time to a group of starving children.  Not that the children can't feed themselves, they are used to having to fend for themselves every now and then, but when the menu has something on it that they don't know how to cook, or would prefer to wait for me to cook so that we can eat together, coming home so late really pushes dinner time too close to bedtime for everyone!

About the only knitting time I have had is when TDQ needed dropped off an hour before I needed to get to work and during our one hour of television time yesterday.

Which is a two paragraph way of saying...the only finished object to show you is a little one!

To try out some different center starts, or practice on them if you already have a favorite, Andrea of Bad Cat Designs has posted a couple of small doily patterns on her group page.  This is the 8 wedge doily, knit in a laceweight cotton held double.

I blocked it after our one hour television stint last evening, so it is a little wonky (It was late for me!) but a very enjoyable quick knit to make me feel like I accomplished something this week!

I got another pattern repeat finished on my Exploding Tardis Copy Cat Kelpie.  I will need to keep a close eye on this one when it is done, TDQ has already announced that she is stealing it!

And finally, I got through the increase section of the hood on the sweater for TFB. 
Still have most of the hood, the zipper band and sleeves to go, and then to find a pattern for TOB's Christmas Sweater.  TDQ has declared she doesn't want another sweater (mostly because she hasn't out grown any in a while so has several, unlike the boys who keep getting taller and taller) but has put in an order for "several pairs of socks, warm and toasty, a neck thingy (she means a cowl) and mittens.

Sounds like I should be knitting and not blogging to me!

Although, with the sale she has going, I might just run over to Lara's Etsy store and drool all over my desk looking at yarn! If you run over there quickly there might be some lovelies left for you to purchase!