Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fighting with Beads

I am officially 115 rows into my Colourmart Lovers Spring Contest Piece and I am still fighting with my beads, every step of the way.

It's my own fault.  I bought cheap beads because I fell in love with the colors.

I know better.  But the good news is, even with fully half of these beads not actually having holes in them, 8 gms of size 10 beads is a lot of beads and I will have plenty to finish my piece...if not the patience to not get frustrated with the process!  :)

Nupps started appearing a few rows ago, and those are always fun.  But...the pics are all on my phone so you will have to find me on Instagram to see them.

In the we approach the end of the month that can only mean that a new pattern release is in the a teaser is in order.

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Any guesses on what these socks are called?  Leave a comment with your guess!  I will give you one hint, it is NOT Stayin' Alive.


Monday, March 20, 2017


As I am sure you are aware, today marked the beginning of Spring.  At 6:29 am local time for me, the Spring Equinox officially arrived and with it the beginning of the Colourmart Lovers Group Spring Craftalong/Contest.  I have participated for several years now, both in the spring and the fall.

I actually started prepping for this years contest a couple of weeks ago when I had a little down time, waiting for some other things to happen, and got my design idea swatched, washed, blocked and charted.  A 25% off your entire purchase coupon got me some (already on sale) beads from the local big box craft store, in two sizes but the same colors, the needles were set and all I had to do this morning was set up my project page, entry post and cast on.

So let's talk about the yarn.  I am using a 2/15NM Alpaca/Wool Blend (obviously from ColourMart, it is their groups contest) in the exciting color of "white", which to my eye is more cream on top of fresh milk than bleached white.  They still (as of this writing) have some on the site and I am sorely tempted to buy more myself right now.  Even straight off the cone it is nice to knit with, but once it is washed....oh how soft and drapey!

Having already charted, morphed stitches around and charted some more, all I have to do now if knit until it is done.  Well, all I should have to do is knit until it is done....those pretty small beads are about 50% pretty blue chunks of glass that neither a crochet hook, yarn nor pin can go through. 

 Rather than "lined" with color they are "filled" with color, which is frustrating me no end.  I might have to "morph" away from the tiny beads a little sooner than I thought!

More on Wednesday, when I will know how quickly I give up on listening to Minnie Mouse laughing in my ear..."I told you this would be fun!"...


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We are all just prisoners here

So, bonus points for knowing where the title comes from, but...

I am stuck on sleeve island. If the travel agent is to believed there will be a stop at Collar Cove and then a return trip home, but not until the weekend. Actually the rest of the trip cannot take place until the weekend.

I am a very goal driven person.  My goals for this week...a sock, a pattern, some coaching, some networking and research for things that have absolutely nothing to do with my knitting life.

So far,  I have toured a couple of technical institutes (with and for kids), and a whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo that makes no sense to me to have to go through....oh well, maybe next week will be more knitting productive.

Until then it is edits, writing, a foot to a sock and an IEP meeting.

So how is your week?


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's the Most Numberful Time of The Year!

Happy Pi Day to all my American Friends!

Here are a few of my favorite Pi's....

Snow Queen by Andrea Jurgrau

Apple Pie....great recipe you should give it a whirl!


Peach Pie.

For my non-American friends, I am so sorry, your dating system does not allow for Pi Day (3/14 or 3.14) so you will have to eat cake instead.  LOL


Friday, March 10, 2017

Another Friday with Nothing to Share

How is it that someone who knits as much as I do could possibly have nothing to share on a Friday for FO Friday?

I can assure you there have been things finished....

I just can't share them yet.

Seriously, when I had twins, a second set of arms really should have been an option rather than my OBGYN offering to include "fixing" me if we had a C-Section. (Which we didn't so that question was a moot point!)

So I will turn it around...

How was your week?

What did you accomplish?

More importantly, what did you fail at?  Because, as a coach, I will tell you if you didn't fail at anything this week, you just aren't setting your scope broad enough.