Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wool Gathering!

Every year, the highlight of my September is getting to go to Wool Gathering.
This year was no exception and Saturday morning the kids and I rushed through our usual Saturday chores and took a drive to Yellow Springs.  This year we met up with one of my friends (who had a rare outing without her children) and of course the first thing we saw was something that her kids would have been entranced by!

Now if you have been reading this blog for a while, and I know many of you have - or at least the monthly recaps in the newsletter, then you will know that the pack mules (my children) always tag along and get paid to carry my purchases with hand dipped ice cream at the dairy and that no trip would be complete without deep fried cheese curds and extra cheese to come home with us.

I always have fun getting to chit chat with some of the indie dyers who have been so generous with their yarn Natasha and her husband from Unplanned Peacock Studios.

This time around I bought two skeins of yarn from her...both were TDQ picks, and as I remembered to text Natasha before she packed up to come to the event, I was even able to finally get some Goth Chick for a hat!  (That was one of two planned purchases while we were there.)

We visited with Earth in Arts, and each got a bar of our favorite soaps. (Mine is Earth Spice, but as usual we joked that the Poison Ivy Soap actually has poison ivy in it, you have to buy the Poison Ivy Cure Soap to get rid of that itch and how that is such an interesting marketing ploy....everyone knew we were joking!)

We saw the sheep sheering, like we do every year and while the process of sheering a sheep hasn't changed, it is always fun to watch just how sedate those creatures are during the sheering. (Not at all like the alpaca's we were dealing with last spring!)

We did, however, miss each show of the dog herding ducks around an obstacle course.

I found some new to me indie dyers this trip, Brenda and Heather Yarns, where I might have purchases a Shawl Ball in Lilac Shades with Gray.

Then there was this yarn...

It made a fitting final purchase!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

An Entire Week of Silence

Friday, September 8, 2017

Rabbit Holes

We interrupt this week to bring you rabbit holes...

No, not the kind you trip over or twist your ankle on in your garden...the Ravelry kind!

I fell down this one.....

and this one...

Along with a few others...

What did you "waste" time on this week?


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017

More Love for Twined Vines!

I have to admit that my morning had a bit of a rocky start, but the day improved immensely around lunch time...first the good!

Twined Vines is one of the patterns featured on Knitting Patterns Galore and they tweeted about it! (Although I have to say...I think the pattern is easier than it looks, most of it is just knit, yarn over and central double decreases...there is one fancy stitch but there is a tutorial for that too!)

Seeing that people actually like the things I create really does a lot for my self esteem!  Thank you to everyone who gave the pattern little hearts on Ravelry, or visited its page in Knotions!

But now for the rocky start to the day....

One of the knitters who is working on my Twined Vines Shawl found a mistake in a chart...actually it was worse than that...I had given the editor of the online magazine the completely wrong chart. 

Luckily the knitter is taking part in the Knit Along that Knotions is holding in their group for anyone knitting any of the August issues patterns and asked for help and I check Ravelry every morning while I drink my coffee.  Before I had finished that cuppa, a new chart was sent to the editor, who uploaded it immediately and the knitter doesn't even have to tink back or frog any stitches because the first row was the same on both charts!  (Pheww, so glad the editor is up early in the morning...all this happened before 7 am her time!)

But this does bring up a point....what should you do if you ever find an error in my patterns?  I can tell you what I would like you to do....

Tell me about it!  You can contact me through the email address that is in each of my self published patterns, through Ravelry, even through the publication itself in cases like Knotions.  While I cannot guarantee a two hour turn around every time (that is how long it took from when the knitter posted this morning to my getting up, seeing it and correcting it) rest assured I will respond to you!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Still Over the Moon

I am still over the moon about how well my Twined Vines Shawl is doing.....and Knitters are starting to join us in a KAL in the Knotions Group....If you are thinking of knitting the pattern, now would be a great time to do week I will be all over Ravelry pretty much all week!  So if you have a question, or think that you need a little hand will be able to get pretty much real time access to the designer!

And while you are there, check out some of the project pages! (If you are me you will point at each picture and say I want one like that, and that, and that.....)

But, if you should miss me, or just want to learn a new technique...take a look at the tutorial for the cluster stitches with a crochet hook!


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Not silent at all


Flying on Cloud 9 now......

All I can say is..

Thank you!

More than 24 hours on the first page of Hot Right Now on Ravelry for my pattern.

Excuse me, but I need to remodel my house...I am going to need bigger doors to walk in beside my ego!