Monday, January 15, 2018

Making Magic Monday?

I had hoped that today would be one of those magical days where everything I do works out right, the first time!

Alas, it wasn't to be!

Not that everything went wrong, but nothing quite seemed to hit the mark from the time I got up until now! know, for a long time I have believed that what you focus on becomes your reality, and if you only ever focus on the things that didn't go right, that is all you will ever see!*

So now that I have given myself that attitude adjustment.

Some things that went right....

I didn't have to go anywhere at all in this today!  Yay!
This shawl came off the needles with yarn to spare!  (Within a yard of my estimate!)  Double Yay!
And these pink beads and cream yarn...they are going to be something pretty!

So how was your day?

*People can only upset you, or bring you down, when you give them permission to do so...Permission denied.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Still Not Into the Routine

The New Year is ten days old and I am still not back into my routines! (That's what happens when you take a vacation from just about everything for a while!)

The first new project of the year was cast on and cast off in rapid succession...I must work on getting some nicer pictures of the fingerless mitts I made using leftovers from the Christmas socks I knit for the kids.  Originally my plan had been to make some Franken Socks for myself (just use up those odds and ends) but then some bitterly cold weather and TDQ saying about how cold her hands were even with thin gloves, fingerless mitts and mittens on top when at work had me change the plan.

There are a couple of shawls on my needles, but nothing really worth talking about here...and my poor Amira is still sitting on the corner of my desk, whispering softly "Is it my turn yet?"....
But instead of dwelling on those things, I got the best surprise in the mail today.....
Yarn!  Lots of yarn, from a friend as a Belated Happy New Year present.

Nearly 12,000 yards of yarn.

I wonder what it will all grow up to be?


Why yes, I do have the best friends in the universe!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

And That's a Wrap!

As I get ready to greet the new year, with hopeful anticipation that it will be a good one...I have one final project to share with you.
The Indie Gift Along is getting close to the madness that is the New Year's Eve party and the "locking" of the threads, because as 2017 ends and 2018 begins the knit along comes to a close.

I don't think I have it in me to finish one more project, and although that means that I only have 2 Finished Objects in the Finished Object threads one of them was a doozy!

Presenting my version of Phoenix by Svetlana Loginova.  (If you like shawls you really should check out her pattern store, she has some epic ones!)

I used Knit Picks Gloss Lace in the colorway Sterling.  The entire piece took just under 5 skeins or 2221 yards of yarn!  (This would be why I couldn't Opadoo this year!)

Size US 2 (2.75mm) needles and thin yarn, you would think would result in a small shawl...but you'd be very wrong!

63 inches square (140 cm) means this shawl is wider and deeper than my usual model is tall!

And as we woke  up to a Winter Wonderland and it is snowing yet again, the model balked at getting modeled shots out in the instead I draped it as "artfully" as I could, allowed the knitting inspector to give it his "seal of approval" and made a quick collage for my finished object post!
The pattern itself is very straight forward, with charts spread over 12 pages so you can read them easily.  The only "fiddly" part at all is the "pea stitch" which covers a right and a wrong side row, but after a few (hundred) of them, they become as intuitive as the rest of the pattern. (For quite a lot of it I didn't needed to really follow the chart, just glance at it every now and then!)

One of my traditions is to start the new year the way I intend the year to today we will be cleaning up and setting things in place to start Monday the way we intend to go on!  Happy, together as a family and warm and cozy in our little house!

I wish you the very best of things in the upcoming year!


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Sweaters and Shawls and Socks, Oh My!

Although 2017 isn't quite over, there are a few days left, I thought today would be a good one to look back at what I managed to accomplish this year, at least knitting and design wise.

As usual, there was knitting completed that can't be shared yet, but there is quite a bit that can!

January saw the publication of The White Queen's Shawl, with Knotions.  It, currently, holds the position of my most popular pattern on Ravelry.

February had me publishing Overgrowth, a quick moebius cowl knit in a fingering weight yarn. 

March was a "two-fer" month with socks and a smaller shawl/scarf..Disco Tuned and Living on Floyd Time.

April I was back in Knotions with Fine Tuned Socks.

May was an exciting month for me, with three patterns released and one was in a book!  Mock Turtle Socks was published in Artful Arches which is available as a Ravelry download, a Knit Picks download and the physical book through the Knit Picks website.  It also saw the release of my Second Saturday Shawl in partnership with Skein Shop and the Linen Swatch Cloth, available for free on Skein Shops blog or as a paid pdf on Ravelry.

June and July each saw a sock pattern, part of the "Tuned" series, with Knot Tuned Symphony and Knot Tuned the Ballet.

Back to Knotions I went in August with Twined Vines.  I had so much fun designing this one that I did it twice, once in a fingering weight and once in a lace weight yarn.

September saw my first "footie" socks, with flirty little cuffs!  Ain't She Sweet works well in both self striping and plainer yarns.

And back to Knotions again in October with Agalina....because who wouldn't want to knit a glacier?

November was all about my Indecisive Heart.  I loved the cotton yarn I used for it, which I got from Unplanned Peacock during the summer when they were at the Mid Ohio Fiber Festival.  Such a pretty combination of colors and a wonderfully soft yarn to knit with.

December and my gift to you was another free pattern on Knotions....Hike to Marion Falls.  This truly is the easiest of lace patterned shawls!  A single increase, a single decrease and all the shaping is done outside of the patterning.

Other things were knit that weren't my own patterns during the year...a Quill Sweater
a Whispering Softly Cowl,  You Shall Pass socks , Autumn Cornucopia Shawl,  Ostrich Plum Baby Bonnet, Acropolis Hat,
Pocket Full of Dice bag, Attack of the Killer Rabbits Cowl, Sylph Shawl, Balderdash Hats, (I made two!) Be Strong and Carry On socks, another pair of Run You Clever Boy socks (this time in worsted weight!)...

Other things that will be my patterns or were just knit off the top of my head...two Colourmart contest piece to be Days of Wine and Roses the other to be Lasciel. and a couple more pairs of no-real-pattern socks.

Currently on my needles I have an Orenberg Shawl, and a tank top, that I hope to finish in the next day or two and a long term endless garter stitch blanket which I will carry around with me for at least a few more months, adding a row here and there.

Not a bad amount of knitting, writing, photographing, editing, testing and publishing for a year!

Monday, December 25, 2017

A Merry Christmas to All....

I wish you the happiest of days, filled with good food, good friends and loved ones to warm your heart.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Wips are Wips are Wips are....

Now that my holiday sock knitting is done I have returned to my Indie Gift Along Knits.

Unfortunately you will have to take my word on how they are progressing because lighting in Central Ohio in December in the evening is not at all conducive to taking good WIP photos.

The shawl is trucking right along....I am nearly to the last three pages of charts and the top is holding firm at 50% completion!

If, and it is a big if because the rows are long and the nights are short, I can finish up the charted section of the shawl by Friday, all will be well in my GAL knitting world.

So you know, because of that, Minnie Mouse the Muse is screaming in my ears about a mittens pattern.

So while I knit, and get some pies into the's about a little Christmas music?