Sunday, January 13, 2019

Snow was Softly, Silently Falling

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Year That Was and Things to Come

Like many people, at the end of last year I looked back at what I how I had filled 2018.

It was  a year filled with wonderful things and sad events, changes big and small.

Design wise, I published 20 patterns in 2018, including my first graded garment!

The rundown, in case you missed any are:

Techno Punkies

Spring's Around the Corner

 My April Fools Pattern : Truth, Fallacies and Statistics.

Ashes of Roses, which you can get free from

Callie's Braids

 Smocked Leaves, another Free Pattern on

 A Shawl/Scarf in three sizes, Somebody Told Me, again free to you from Knotions.

 Team Knit

 Philadelphus...hey look at that, you can get it for free on Knotions!

And back to Knotions I went with Sweetened Footies.

How the Tiger Got its Stripes

 A Trio of Holiday Patterns

 A Sprinkling of Leaves, from Knotions.
Photo from Edsger Studios for Knotions.

My fundraising pattern for the year...Cradle Song.
Which supports Arion Chamber Music

Pourquoi, exploring shawls and "humps"
Cowl Trick....reversible color changes without the pesky purl bumps in the wrong color!
Once more I went back to Knotions with Schlumbergera
Photo from Edsger Studios.

And my final 2018 pattern...Norma Jeanne

While usually with goal setting the typical answer is do more, I don't see that level of production being sustainable for the long haul, although I have several things ready for test knitting, some ready for editing and two new things on my needles right now!

Family wise it was a very busy year!  Between class and work schedules it felt like we were all coming and going all the time, but we made time to do some fun things together.  (Funnily enough most of them involved fiber arts in one way or another.)

We made our annual trips to the Mid Ohio Fiber Fair and Wool Gathering, and have agreed they both go on the list of things we want to do again this year.

This year will also see growth and change in the family.  Graduations and new job ventures for the kids, of course more knitting and crafting for me!  Who knows, I might even get back into the routine of blogging consistently!

Until next time....Happy Knitting!


Thursday, December 27, 2018

And so, that was Christmas

Such a lot of activity, although not much blogging,  in these parts from the end of November to now the end of December!

The Indie Gift Along has become a staple of that whirlwind the past few years, and this year has been no different!

So far, and there are still a few days left to sneak in some extra projects, I have completed 8 projects by other designers for the GAL and snuck in one of my own as part of the After Party Gals Advent Mystery Sock Along.

These were completed before Christmas, and given to the people they were meant for.

Ballan Hat by Tracey Lee.
Oberon Socks by Kate Poe.
Fafnir Hat by Karen Robinson
Bias Drop Scarf by Dragon Wing Arts.
Wedded Bliss Socks by Tanja Leuscher
Two Versions of Focalise by Kirsten McTeer

The Mystery Advent Socks, you can find the clues on Instagram.
And then finally my "I am all through knitting presents and it is only just Christmas Eve project..."

Here We Gnome Again by Sarah Schira.
The discerning among you will notice that the gnome is made from leftover bits from all of the hats, and will be my gift to myself! I didn't have any of the suggested poly pellets to stuff him with, so instead he is stuffed with a combination of wool roving and navy beans.  (I might have to cast on another one using the leftovers from the sock weight projects!)

Now that the Christmas rush is over, it is time for me to organize my projects for next year.    I put my things on hold during the holiday season, so there are lots of test knits to set up, patterns to finalize and photo shoots to get done.

If you are interested in test knitting for me...drop a post here and I can add you to the list!  I'll give you a sneak peak of some of the items that coming up another day!

Until then...I hope you had the Merriest of Christmases and are looking forward to the Happiest of a New Year!


Sunday, December 9, 2018


The Indie Gift Along is in full swing and...well that has kept my fingers occupied with knitting and chatting the chat threads, but didn't stop me from releasing a new pattern!

Presenting Norma Jeanne!

Yes...I know for me it is approaching the coldest days of the year, but, when it gets cold my thoughts turn to summer when I need a cotton tank top!  (And for my own personal use I might have a merino version too!)  Plus, in half the world it is approaching the hottest days of summer!

Knit in fingering weight, this oh-so-prim and proper top (from the front anyway!) goes from sedately being office ware under a jacket to full on "out partying at the beach bar" from the back!

You can get the pattern now on Ravelry!

As I said I have been knitting up a storm for the far four projects are complete and the fifth is well on its way on my needles.

First up :  Ballan Hat

TDQ loves sunflowers so when I saw this pattern released earlier this year I knew I had to make it for her.  Tracey Lee (who hails from where it is summer now) does a wonderful job on what I consider the most important aspect of a hat...the crown!

Second up:  Oberon Socks

TOB loves green and it is traditional that he gets socks in his stocking and this pattern has all the things that make it the perfect pair of socks for someone who is about to have his internet name changed to Big Foot...(US Size 13 and growing!)  Lots of easy to do rows with just a few where you pay attention.  (I will be making this pattern again, you can count on that!)

Third up: Fafnir Hat

This one is for the bus driver that used to drive TOB to preschool, many years and most of the country away.  The most notable thing about this particular finished object is that yarn has traveled with me for something like 35 years!  (I got it when I worked at a yarn store in my teens!)

Next was a super quick Scarf: Bias Dropped Stitch Scarf for my "Other Daughter"...and yes she calls me her Other Mother!
And on that note...I have two more pairs of socks and at least two more hats to knit in the next 15 days!

Wish me luck!