Sunday, June 28, 2009

Squares on Sunday

Just popping in to show where I am at on the Squares project...gotta run, I forgot I needed to make a cake for work. :(


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Once More with Feeling

Is this pattern starting to look a little familiar? It should, this is version three of the first of Summer Squares. I have spent the last day or so fighting with the sizing of a sock and needed something soothing. :)

This time around I know exactly what the yarn is, and I will end up having to add something else to the mix as I know I don't have enough. Norwegian Sport Wool from elann. Someone on one of my knitting groups said that I knit so fast that yarn wouldn't get a chance to languish in my wrong they are, this yarn hasn't been made in years! It is a sport weight superwash wool. Just right for a give-away blanket to someone who can be trained to block.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Voice of Reason

Now before you take a look at that and say "She frogged it!" I would like you to know that cooler heads than mine prevailed. The original Summer Square will still become a shawl .... it's growing on me. I really do like the individual colors, and really everyone is right, you can't tell from a little bitty bit how it will look when it is done! If I don't like it finished I can always over-dye or gift it

But let me present...Summer Square Number 1 version 2. I have something like 13 little balls of cotton in pastel colors. I have no idea what I am knitting with, other than it is cotton or cotton-like and one ball makes a square with barely two yards left over. It is sort of a sport weight, and that square was knit on size 8 (US) needles and is pretty close to 18 inches square...sorry those of you on metric will have to do the math, it is too late for it here. :)


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Frog or Finish?

Summer Squares started today! The first square, Golden Eye, can be used as part of a larger project of the center of a shawl. I thought with the 2/14 alpaca/silk blend that I would make a shawl, but now that I am through the center square I am really not sure how I feel about it. The pattern is gorgeous (I am well into a second variation to use as part of a larger project) but I am not sure about the colors in the yarn.

In the hank it looks like flower petals - roses in my mind - but I am not sure about in my knitting.

What do you think? Frog or finish?


Saturday, June 20, 2009


You might remember that ages ago I started Veil of Isis. It has been my "betweener" project ever since then...finish something up, knit on VOI, have a few minutes and don't want to drag something else out, knit on VOI.

Finally she is finished.

Veil of Isis from BadCat Designs
Bernat Baby, 270 yards to 50grams
Size 3 KnitPicks Options 40 inch circular needles
Modifications : I moved the purl row to immediately before casting off.
Finishing : I steam blocked this, so now it is soft as silk and will STAY blocked through machine washing and drying.

You should run over to Andrea's blog and see what is going to be going on this looks fun to me!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More baby stuff

One of the nice things about working with "the younger crowd" is that they are just starting to think about having babies, and babies are such nice little creatures to knit for! Even more immediate gratification than a pair of socks. :)

This is mostly the same as the purple one I posted about earlier, different color yarn and one more color change, but the same basic shape with knit-front-and-back increased and garter stitch borders.

If you peek really closely you can see more knitting under the baby sweater, but I am not talking about that one yet.


Monday, June 15, 2009

A Note to Girls

All you tween and teen girls out there.....can we reach an agreement?

I don't come over to your house and make a mess in your room, PLEASE stay out of mine!

Believe me, I have tons more practice making messes and I could do a real number on your room given a chance.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Did you ask if I still have fingers?

TNNA opened today, and among the many lovely things on display are two new patterns from Bad Cat Designs. I had the pleasure of being asked to knit some samples for Jade Sapphire to have at their booth. Buyers from all over the country are looking at MY knitting!

The cowls are knit in Homespun which is a thick-and-thin cashmere yarn. This has to be the softest yarn that I have ever used and I will definitely be getting some for my own stash as soon as the new colors are in stores. Each cowl takes two hanks of yarn and just a few hours to knit. My daughter, The Drama Queen, insists that they were designed for teenagers and if you have one in your life they NEED one of these cowls!

Jade Flower, the shawl, uses two Jade Sapphire 2 ply - mine is Lagoon - and some beads. Another winner of a pattern, just lacy enough to keep it interesting and still work with the variegated yarn.

I have to give a huge Thank You to both BadCatDesigns and Jade Sapphire for letting me play with their patterns and yarn. Look for both at your local yarn store.


Monday, June 8, 2009

A Little SEX on Monday

ColourMart strikes again! Just in time for the latest series of projects from BadCat Designs

I am so looking forward to a nice lace weight project - you'll see why next week. Between now and then I have a baby blanket to finish and a commission for a baby sweater.


Monday, June 1, 2009

I didn't want you to think I wasn't knitting

I know that while I didn't have a camera I said that I was knitting things that I couldn't share...well mostly I was, but there was the occasional thing I could, and now I have. :)

The Drama Queen loves the Owls sweater, if you want to make your own the pattern is free here, I used more Cascade Eco Wool, this time dyed to suit the girl.

Baby Booties to go with the sweater from yesterday, I messed up this pattern, but they will do. :)

Of for a few more rounds on VOI