Thursday, February 28, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

Do you recognize that center panel ? Yep, I cribbed some of it for a scarf and now I am finally playing catch-up knitting the shawl. That is clue one of Dem Fischer sin Fru, brought to the knit along crowd by Monika Eckert. One down, four more to go before the next clue comes out.....tomorrow ?!?!?!? I think I will be playing catch-up for a little while yet. :)


Sunday, February 24, 2008

FOs and UFO's

The scarves made a brief appearance for a photo-shoot before being put away in the Christmas Present Stash. The pink I have mentioned before, it is the shortest of the three as I ran out of the angora yarn that I had in my stash and I had no hope of getting more - was a European purchase. :) The cream is actually a variation on the center panel from a knit-a-long that I haven't cast on. I have been saving the charts for when I have sufficient "nice" yarn to do it justice. The blue/turquoise was this weekend's hand occupier. It is done in a machine washable wool, which of course has also been discontinued since my purchase several years ago.

My daughter has a style all of her own, which usually involves wearing a tank top on top of a turtle neck. It is Lion Brand's Micro Spun and let me tell you it is a *itch to knit with - soft as silk when knitted, but it splits and slides off my needles every time it gets the chance. This is going to grow up to be an open sided vest to replace one of the tank tops she wears to school. It is an intensely cabled affair, with every stitch moving every fourth row, and four out of six stitches moving on the other right side row. I can't wait to be finished with this one !

Mystic Light starts in just a few short weeks - can't wait for that, even if I am behind in the other knit alongs that I joined. But hey, it's supposed to be fun.

On the food front, nothing good to say to you. Today I forced down some spinach, but nothing is inspiring me to eat much of anything right now. I am keeping up with the fluids and the vitamins though.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Where are you from ?

I am from knitting needles, from Seattle’s Best Coffee and early dawns.

I am from the chilly floors against bare feet..

I am from daffodils and the first signs of crocus in the spring.

I am from Christmas Gatherings and English Accents from Roberts, Reeves and Finch.

I am from the busy hands and questioning minds.

From question the obvious and follow your passions.

I am from the nature of the world, the science and the fantasy.

I'm from the city and the country and from cakes and roast beef dinners.

From the black eyes that made my grandmother look like a panda, from the woman that could outrun rabbits on a dare.

I am from the hallway of family pictures, from portraits and still life, from candid snapshots and memories..

~ M

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I said I would and I did.

I said I would knit it again, this time in a solid color and I did. Misti Alpaca Lace yarn and size 1 - yes you read that right, size 1 needles. The other variations of this shawl had been a little on the big side for me so I went for the tightest knit that I could tolerate and then, well to put it in plain terms....blocked the hell out of it ! (in case you were wondering the color name is denim.) She came off the blocking board just before 8pm and we took pictures immediately. I am sure that once we see some daylight tomorrow I will be able to get better ones...note to self, wear a white shirt so the lace shows up ! (sorry for the fuzzy, my dear daughter took the pic for me and couldn't hold my camera still to save her life ! )

Other than that I have been working at designing and knitting "The not-so Perfect" baby blanket. I need to move some yarn out of my stash and I didn't have enough of a single color of baby-yarn to knit a decent size blanket, so it has different panels.....the not so perfect ?....I can't count. The first section is about ten rows longer than the other sections and I am too lazy to frog it and start again, juggling five balls of yarn and size 9 needles after a nice comforting lace project is bad enough without frogging an entire knitting session.

Not much to say on the food front...ate crepes today, does that count as food ???