Sunday, July 27, 2014

Finally some Knitting I can Share

It seems like the gaps between posts are getting longer and longer, while the content in those posts is getting less and less about what I am currently knitting, and more about things that I knit a while ago and can finally share with you.

Today is no exception to the latter part of that statement!  But, hopefully I can share some current knitting as well.

The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of me working too many hours, after work activities (they have been a lot of fun to do so I am not complaining about doing them, just that there is no compensating time left over for with my family or the other things I like to do!), finally getting back in with my doctor,  computer failures (I am so proud of myself that even though I complained and yelled I got it fixed without having to have anyone else physically take care of it) and running around for DQ and college stuff.

A couple of days ago Enchanted Knits from Interweave hit the stands, which means some knitting I was working on at the beginning of the year can finally be shared!

Andrea Jurgrau's (Known to many as Bad Cat Designs) Snow Drop and Rose Red Cowl graces the cover and two more of her pieces are on the inside!

My plan had been to knit both a red and a white version, but time got away from me and I only have the red...well to be honest I had the red, a certain college bound teenager stole it from me!

Mine is knit in sock yarn and if I kept better notes I could tell you which one!  I think it is Fiber Optics Foot Notes.  (For those that care I have come up with a new system for tracking what I am making that I can't put on Ravelry yet.....which is why the computer hard drive failure was such a big deal to me!  Now all my test knitting has a folder with the pattern, the photo's and a word document with the notes I make to myself, like yarn type and needle size.)

Next up, for me at least, I haven't seen the magazine to know which pattern comes next in it, is Giant Slayer's Vine Scarf. 

Mine is in purple with bright yellow beads that don't show up well at all in the photo's.

Finally, we have Undine Shawlette, this one I had the yarn tag for...Lobster Sox in Hydrangea.

Excuse the bad photo's of everything, for a better look at the finished objects check out the magazine, either through the links above (Interweaves site or Ravelry) or better yet, run off to your local yarn store and buy a copy!  There are even a couple of men's sweaters in there that I might have to check out for myself.  :)

Speaking of men's sweaters, TFB and TOB (for those who don't remember that is The First Brother and The Other Brother ) both suggested that the hooded sweaters that I made them a couple of years ago are in need of replacing, so the Christmas knitting has started.

This time around I hope that the yarn I picked up doesn't pill as badly as the Lion Brand Wool Ease I used a couple of years ago did.  Obviously this one is for TFB as "his" color is red!

Not to be outdone in the request department, the little thief, I mean TDQ picked out some yarn for some socks and I have those underway as well.

That is all from me today!  Amazing how we went from nothing to say, to three finished objects, two in progress photo's and all the other little things that I can't show you!

Until next time, GO KNIT!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Whomsoever thought

Whomsoever thought that working on back to back blankets with knitted on edging was a good idea, obviously had not met me!

Over the past few weeks I have found lots and lots of ways to NOT work on the edging of the Fractals In Pink Baby Blanket.

I have cleaned out cupboards, alphabetized spices, made doughnuts,

planned many other projects and in short, done just about everything to avoid working on the edge of the blanket that is meant for a baby that is due to arrive this month!

Of course, it doesn't make getting knitting time any easier when the work load is increased, the staffing is decreased and the light at the end of the tunnel...well if not quite the train it certainly wasn't the other end, yet!

Today I resolved to just get the blanket finished, and for once, I did exactly what I told myself to do.

Presenting Fractals in Pink a slight variation on Fractured Fractals.

This time around a three needle bind off was used to join the center squares and the contrast color was the white.  I still added the lateral braid (the thing is a pain to work, but I think it gives a nice finished edge to the squares and the border.) I hope that the Mom and baby get many enjoyable moments with this one!