Monday, January 17, 2011

Starts of Metamorphosis

Holiday weekends are a wonderful time for the knitter in me. One intense evening of cleaning my house (you would not believe the stuff I found under the beds in children's rooms!) and I was able to settle in with some yarn and some needles.

Saturday was for finished object photo's - you have seen those already, and I might have given in to temptation and swatched for St Margaret.
St. Margaret is another top down sweater, I seem to have fallen in love with the lack of sewing up side seams!

That is the start to the Yoke and if you look very, very closely you can see markers for where raglan seams go.

We have had our disagreements, St. Margaret and I, but I think that we have finally decided that we can work together.

Sunday charts went up for Metamorphosis, so of course I had to drop everything to play along with that!
Shawl 1 - not a very dramatic name, but certainly in a dramatic color! This is Colourmart 3/15 Shiny Cotton in a very nice red, Granate. Shhh, don't tell anyone, that is also my swatch! For a shawl what matters is that you like your yarn and needle combination, that you get a nice fabric, because bigger or smaller it is still as shawl!

More pictures soon, there are two sweaters to talk about, but I have to finish some more knitting before I can show them to you!


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Amanda said...

That shawl is very dramatic - love it. And I think I detect a love affair with cables these days ;)