Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's on my needles Sunday

It feels like forever since I had a finished object to share, and not much hope of one in this post either! But, here is where I stand on the knitting front...

Madam is progressing nicely. I am starting to get concerned about how much yarn those beautiful cables are eating, so the body is on a holder (along with the pocket linings) while I work on some sleeves
I can live with a shorter body so long as I don't spend my life feeling like I have to tug on the cuffs, and after a couple of rows if the pocket linings are in a different color nobody but me will know!

Of course, she will languish just like that for a few days....Part 3 of Metamorphosis came out today!

Right now the red shawl and green cardigan are giving me dirty looks because the blue pullover is getting the first batch of attention! There is a method to my madness though.

Wow can you ever see the difference between where I trial blocked her before dividing for sleeves and where it is fresh off the needles knitting!

But, that wasn't what I was going to talk about with this one. The reason I decided to work on the pullover first is because I knit funky. Well, not if you are in Eastern Europe where lots of people knit like I do, but to them I purl funky! There is actually a name for how I knit, Eastern Crossed/Uncrossed and it means that for working fancy stitches like nupps flat I have an advantage. My knit stitches sit on the needles so that the back of the stitch is "open" and I can just slide my needle through 3, 5 even 7 stitches easily...but, when I work in the round my knit stitches sit the same way as most American knitters and I was dreading working those seven stitch clusters.

And then that little voice in my head spoke up.

Do you remember, it asked, how Andrea had you working nupps in the round for Snow Queen by putting the yarn over the top of the needle to make the second row go more easily? Why not just work you resting row before the cluster stitches the same way?

It works!

I have to plan ahead a little, and I am only wrapping the stitches that will be clusters that way so I can spot them easily on the next row, but I think I am saving myself a ton of time not having to turn those stitches around!

I have quite a bit more knitting to do, so I am off! What's on your needles this week?


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Amanda said...

The beauty of those garments grow with each progress picture. Still only shawlettes and scarves for me on the needles.