Sunday, November 4, 2012

Where did all that time go?

Hard to believe more than a month has flown by without so much as a peep or a picture from me!

Did you fill your October with anything fun, exciting or interesting?  Get any holiday knitting done?  Hand out candy to goblins and witches, or super heroes?  We saw a lot of Avengers around here even with the dreary, rainy day that was Trick or Treat Night.

Mine seemed to be filled with a lot of hanging around, waiting for things.  Some were good things, some were not so good things, some were frustrating, one was budget killing, and others were down right harrowing.  But, we here at Chez Yarn Diet, seem to have survived them all.

You would think with all the hanging around waiting, I would have lots to show you but I really have very little!

We have "They will Make Your Eyes Bleed" Socks.  TDQ saw this yarn and fell in love.  I however didn't, which is why these are plain vanilla socks, no pattern, no fancy work....something to work on in the dark, or at least with my eyes closed!  (Made for good knitting while at school functions, hidden way back in the dark recesses of the Performing Arts Center!)

We also have a variation on Bigger on the Inside.  I may have a housefull of Doctor Who fans, but the boys do draw the line at shawls, even when they want the Tardis from one!  Adapted, slightly, to be knit in the round the Tardis is on each side of each sock and in the green surrounded with a broken rib type texture pattern.


One of the things about having twins, very often they want the same thing, but if you give them exactly the same things there is often confusion about who owns what, which leads to .......  well not good things.

So here we go again, with more Tardis Socks, but this time in red, surrounded with cables and two by two ribbing.  I don't seem to have got very far on these ones, but they will be done by Christmas!

As much of my month consisted of waiting on things, and not always being in a position to knit more than a few stitches at a time, or even keep track of where I was in a row or pattern repeat, I needed some more plain vanilla knitting that was portable.  In keeping with the "Bigger" theme I went for some "bigger" socks and let the yarn take care of the boredom!

And I might have snuck in some mittens too!

Some stash yarn from Knit Picks, smaller needles than the pattern called for and they were done in a day and a bit of waiting!  It is hard to tell from the picture but they are a dark purple, with light purple, pink and cream for the pattern, and some stripes in the hand as I only had the one ball of purple to play with.
They have already been hidden in the Christmas Box, so do me a favor, don't mention them to TDQ!

I did get one triangle done for my American Brilliant, unfortunately I am about to start Christmas knitting and I have an awful lot to get done, so it might be a while before I get back to this one!

Maybe this month I will be better at blogging!