Sunday, May 31, 2015

Back Log

As I have mentioned before,  my knitting time is down to next to nothing these days, but luckily so was my blogging time so I actually have a back log of knits to tell you about.

Here we have TOB's (The Other Brother's) Christmas Sweater.
 It is really hard to tell in the picture but it is a dark green Henley-ish sort of thing with non-matching buttons (because he is not matchy matchy in anything!) and sleeves that "stay up past my wrists" (his request) so that he can wash his hands a million times a day!

I started by following a pattern for this, then gave up as the proportions didn't really fit the nearly 16 year old body they were going to be placed on.  the beauty of a top down raglan style sweater is you can try it on as you go and just divide for sleeves when it feels right and stop when it is long enough!

TDQ just looked over my shoulder and informed me that you all think that I am dead or a zombie because I haven't blogged in so long!

Changing jobs was probably the worst thing I ever did for what I consider my real know the one that involves spending time with my family and friends, or knitting!  Many days I get to see the kids for less than 30 minutes before it is time for us to head off to bed or out the door in the morning.  I keep saying that things will normalize, but I am at the point where I am wondering if this is the new normal!

If I get the chance I will show you TFB's Christmas sweater sometime before the end of June!