Monday, January 24, 2011

Addendum to Photos do not lie

Amanda said in the comments "I only spotted the one.(mistake) The others I could live with." Actually I am going to live with all of them! And she also said "You are going to spend quite a bit of time with this madam if this keeps up ;)"

That's the plan!

St. Margaret is destined to be my new "house cardigan". I have this red one that I have been wearing for the last...counts on fingers...fifteen years I think it is! Wow! Needless to say after 15 years of constant use my red cardigan is in pretty sorry shape. It still has all 5 buttons, but I never do them up as it is so pulled out of its original shape that there is no need to, I can just wrap the fronts around each other and hold it shut with my crossed arms if need be. There is a patch on the back that I darned with a different red, threadbare areas on the cuffs that hold together just on faith and I have noticed lately that there is the odd stitch that really isn't attached to the one above it anymore. How they don't run away is beyond me, but I honestly think that this well worn, well loved, cardigan is just holding it together until I get a new one!

A mis-crossed cable or two is one way of making sure that this cardigan stays on my back and isn't gifted to the first person who tells me that they love it!

I also need to point out that the pattern is very well written, the cables are fun to knit and watch appear out of no-where and where they grow out of the raglan increases is simply magic! Every mistake you see if the result of operator error, trying to do too many things at one time and just simply not paying attention to the clear instructions...the first of which was "Put in stitch markers labeled with the cable that follows them."....Did I do that? Well, no I didn't. So it is no wonder I mixed them up.

There are also several variations included in the pattern, ribbing on one, fancy cable bind off on another, would you like a pullover instead and pockets anyone? Those things alone mean I could knit this one a number of times and never have knit the same thing twice! Which I might have to do, The Drama Queen is already dreaming of one in purple!!



Amanda said...

Good for you. May you and the madam have a long and happy life together :)

Jeri said...

It is so easy to mis cross those cables! But labeled markers will save your sanity...
Glad you are enjoying St M! It is looking really pretty in that blue...don't tempt me to knit another one!