Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back

I don't do New Year's Resolutions as such. Maybe just one and then a habit a month. Years ago the habit started with making my bed each day, then I added making sure the dishes were all done before I went to bed...and so on and so forth, with several dips into "watching" my language when little people would repeat the things that I said at the most inopportune moments.

Last year my knitting resolution was the same as the year before, Knit it or Frog it, and with the things you cannot see on my blog and the things that you can by following the FO2010 tag, this year I have completed 97 items.

Why yes, I did count each sock and mitt individually but only when they actually made a pair! But on the flip side, several of those items were large. Large like adult sized sweaters and giant shawls.

At 1760 yards to the mile, I have knit miles and miles of yarn and used thousands of beads. I have learned new techniques, like working nupps in the round, discovered new yarns to love and made more virtual friends around the world. I have won a knitting contest and donated prizes to the fall version. I organized my stash this year and did some major home improvements. But most importantly, when things went wrong, I didn't give up.

All in all, you would think that I hit most of my personal goals for 2010, there is just one thing that didn't quite work....

Dear Son Number Two's sweater is STILL on the needles!

In my defense, he didn't commit to colors until Christmas Day.

Happy New Year everyone, I have some knitting to get done.


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Amanda said...

Happy New Year. And may 2011 be as productive as 2010 for you!