Saturday, May 26, 2012

One, Two, Sixteen Hundred and Thirty Two

One pattern :  Sugar Plum Fairy
Two Cones of Yarn : Colourmart 3/30 fine Merino   (I used a few hundred yards from the second cone.)

One Hundred and Forty Six : days in the making

One Thousand, One Hundred and Twelve: stitches to bind off!

One Thousand, Six Hundred and Thirty Two: beads. (1208 small silver ones and 424 Big Sparkly ones)

Eleventyfive Bajillion: Stitches knit (Ok, so that isn't a real number but I wasn't actually going to work that hard on the math!)

Friday, May 25, 2012

In Which She Bathes

It has been a heck of a week. Or maybe two or three.  Doctors played their parts, luckily or not, none of them my doctors...we had to reschedule visits and play phone tag!

Time got away from me quite a bit over the past few weeks and I had to be forcibly reminded, by more than one person, that I had neglected to check in and say Hi.

So for all of you I missed...Hi, how are you? What have you been up to since last we talked?

I was also reminded that I hadn't shared progress pictures of the latest in the Baby Blankets Through Time projects.  It is at that hard to photo stage, and I regret to admit, I didn't take any in progress photos other than this one so it is all you get!

More ColourMart Yarn, this time a 3/15 Merino.  I am working on edging right now, so not much longer until you can see.  This one is much plainer than the others in the collection as much of the knitting was done in the dark!

The most exciting knitting thing will be in a separate post though!  But here is a sneak peek.....
Guess who hit the bath water????


Sunday, May 13, 2012

To everyone who has mothered me....

Over the past year or so there have been people in my life who have truly made a difference. To mis-quote a Poets of the Fall song :

When I was restless, you calmed the ocean for me
In my sorrow, you dried my tears
When I needed you, You were the  love beside me,
You took  away all my fears......

Thank you for being there!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some things that make me smile

Isn't that a pretty color?  It would be better if it weren't in the middle of a plant that I really wanted to cut back, and Mom make a fair racket while I took this picture, but the nest, the eggs and their gorgeous color made me smile last week. (The Other Brother says he would prefer the picture if it was centered a little better, but I did my best considering I was being dive bombed at the time!)

This week the nest looks a little different :

I don't know if the last egg is going to hatch or not, so far it is still in the nest and those hatchlings look pretty young to my inexperienced eyes, so maybe, or maybe not.

Some other things made me smile (you might have noticed it doesn't take much!) this week.
I have been seeing a lot of these herb towers around the internet, mine might be a little small but I used the pots I had!  So far just Basil and Rosemary, I need to start some Thyme to go with them as I use that an awful lot when cooking, and maybe even get some more pots and grow some chives.

My peony out front is budding up nicely, that always makes me smile.
Along with finally getting a chance to get rid of some of the weeds that had overtaken my front flower beds and laying a decent amount of mulch.
I think I need a bigger trellis!
. And lots of black currents set on my plants!

The one thing that didn't make me smile the past couple of weeks?  Taking care of everything else really did eat into my knitting time!