Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finally there has been a little knitting

It is still pretty dark in my little world, and THANK YOU one and all who sent me "Are you ok?" emails off blog, you have no idea how much the fact that I matter to someone means to me!!!

Along with the queries were little gifts, you saw the one that Amanda sent me, the ball I didn't need to juggle, but you haven't seen what Bev from Land O Lace sent. Bev has been looking into using some different yarn bases for her fabulous dyeing, first up was some silk. A 2/20 nm laceweight in one of my all time favorite colorways, Bruno.

TDQ got a glimpse of it and whined and carried on until I had picked up some knitting needles....small aside here, of all the things I haven't been doing the past couple of months, the lack of knitting had her worried. To quote another famous knitter she complained that I was "Never not knitting" and that I would feel much better with needles and yarny goodness in my hands....then the hunt for a pattern that met her desires ensued. I wanted something interesting to knit, she wanted something I could knit fast in the hopes that some finishitupus would make me happier.

So, coming soon to an online retailer near you we have the (as yet unnamed) 2/20 silk as Swallowtail.
I think that everyone in the world except me has knit this pattern, and all those other knitters were right, it is quick, just complicated enough to hold your interest with the nupps on the edging, and looks wonderful in this silk.
TDQ is happy with it and tells me that I am never getting it back!

Just to show how well this silk blocks, this is what it looked like before bathing and stretching.
It has held the blocking well, even survived a small trip into the sprinkling rain that we have been having between thunderstorms and sunshine. Spring in Ohio, if you don't like the weather wait a minute, it will change!

And no, Amanda, I was not knitting while listening, but I am knitting least a couple of rows each day. I am not sure I am any happier or less stressed, but it does seem to have calmed my daughter down a bit.


Friday, April 8, 2011

What I'm listening to Friday