Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Metamorphosis Part 2, Part 2

Pretty boring title for a post, but a pretty exciting cardigan to knit!

Here is where I stopped on my Metamorphosis Cardigan in Knit Picks Shadow held double. It has been lightly blocked, hey what can I say I wanted to try her on, and drapes beautifully. All those bits of dark sock yarn you see hanging mark where my buttonholes are and buttons should go when I am finished. I might jump the gun a bit and start sewing them on sooner than that, but we shall see...first I have to pick buttons!

The one disadvantage to having so many "big" projects on the go is that I doubt I will have any finished object posts this month. Not a very good start to beating last years FO count, I will need some instant gratification projects will be in order very soon. Got any suggestions?


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Amanda said...

Another beauty in the making. For instant gratification you could try one of the many shawlettes around like the Nypon or many of Romi's designs.