Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Metamorphosis, Part 1, Part 2

Confused yet?

The knitalong, currently has 2 official projects, the start to a shawl that you saw yesterday and either a pullover or a cardigan.


What is this "or" ?

Well for people who are not as fickle and indecisive as I am that would mean pick one of the options!

Here is one of the options.

Part 1 of my pullover style lace sweater.

One of the suggested yarns was a yarn I had not encountered, but hearing that both Jeri and Andrea thought it was great led me into temptation and I ordered enough to knit myself a sweater...well maybe a little more than the suggested yardage jumped into my cart, so depending on how long I make this pullover it might end up with matching socks!

That is MochasFibers , BB Toes in Maine Blueberry and my sweater is being knit on size 4 US needles because I am obviously a very relaxed knitter. (Jeri is using a 5 and I am still knitting a little more loosely than she is!) So far, I absolutely agree with the ladies, this is great yarn!!

So there you have it, my second project (Part 2) beginnings in the knit along. Still section 1 of the pattern (that would be the Part 1 in the title, get it?) with Part 3, the cardigan yet to come. :)

Amanda, are you sure there isn't someone who needs a cardigan as a gift?


1 comment:

Amanda said...

Yes! Me! :)

I just love the look of that pattern. But I'm not committing to anything big at the moment - scarves and shawlettes are the only possibilities.