Sunday, January 9, 2011

Moving right along

For the followers of Ingrid's progress, we are sort of in the middle of the 12th page of the pattern. By sort of I mean, I hit the bottom of it once, went back to the middle and when I have finished this sleeve will be back in the top/middle again.

The top of page 12 has you starting the waist shaping, I worked my way through all the decreases and the first set of increases before that ball of yarn ran out. Perfect opportunity to work on sleeves!!

The first one is done and the second has reached the point where I am working through sleeve decreases. It is times like this that I realize I am not the brightest bulb in the pack, all I have to do is count to six rounds and work a decrease, then count to six again.

There has been tinking to get back to the sixth row several times now!!

Who knew it was so hard to count to 6?

Having read some notes on Ravelry when it came time to cast off the first sleeve I arranged things so that it was on a cable row and rearranged the stitches before casting them off. Wanna see?

It certainly avoided any flaring at the cuff, and is still flexible enough to get over my hand with room to spare.

In other knitting news, Metamorphosis is starting to heat up. Swatch charts were posted yesterday, but I think that there is still time to join if you want to!

I have swatched two different yarns, one for the pullover, one for the cardigan.
BB Toes in Maine Blueberry and Knit Picks Shadow held double in Cattails.
I used size 4 needles for these swatches, but might swatch again trying on 3's to see if I like that fabric for BB Toes, and maybe go up to a 5 on the Shadow. I got gauge on the Shadow, but the fabric feels a little dense to me, and I have confidence that if I am close to gauge, even if I am not spot on, I can adjust a sweater to fit!!

Happy Knitting!!


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Amanda said...

Ingrid is shaping up beautifully. But I don't want to know about the Kal - it just turns me green with envy.