Saturday, January 15, 2011

Presenting Ingrid

I finally got some pictures of my Ingrid that I can share, she has actually been finished for a couple of days now, but lighting in my house did not do the cables justice! If you know how to get cables to show nicely when using the flash on your camera can you give me some tips?

Without further ado, presenting Ingrid by Jeri Riggs. (ravelry and blog links)

For those new to the party, this was knit with yarn that was gifted to me at Christmas. My deal with everyone who doesn't knit has always been, give me yarn and I will give you a finished object!

Yarn : Plymouth Encore and I used all but a few yards that were sent to me!
Size 9 (US) needles
Worked to size 38
No closures yet, I wasn't sure if she wanted buttons or zipper and not only will I let her decide once she has the sweater, she is clever enough to add them herself!
Techniques: Top Down, seamless, set in sleeves, cables, provisional cast on, cabled cast off, reversible cables.

Here is a shot of those reversible cables.

And some shots showing the reason that TDQ isn't going to keep this one!!

It is just too big for her!
As there is still a little time before the start of the Knit Along, I scoured my stash looking for enough yarn to knit Ingrid in a slightly smaller size for myself.

Guess what?

My stash failed me!

I have enough yarn to knit socks for everyone I know, including myself, and enough yarn for shawls to keep everyone wrapped in cashmere, silk and wool.

What I don't have?

Worsted Weight!!!

I guess my love of small needles and fine yarn got the best of my stash. So, what was a bored knitter to do?
Meet Inga, seriously stolen from the pattern Ingrid, but in DK weight!

The math for the cables was driving me nuts so I opted to use a yarn with the same wpi's as what I really wanted to use and knit without most of the cables and then use cabled swatch to create a percentage system to come up with the for real sweater.

I have just picked up the stitches for the sleeves and put the piece on one needle here, now all I have to do is keep my notes straight for when I want to knit the cabled version.


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Amanda said...

Ingrid is a stunner. And it looks like Inga will be a beauty as well.