Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photos do not lie

Sometimes, if I am being casual I will wear my handknits to work. A shawl with dress pants and turtleneck, or a sweater instead of a jacket. My customers are mostly oblivious to the fact that I have made them myself, but occasionally someone will comment on them.

A fairly long discussion was has with one of those observant customers, who mentioned that "home-made" seems to have a stigma. It is thought of as somehow less than store bought. Which got us onto the difference between "home-made" and "hand-made"......

Usually the pieces that I knit fall into the hand-made quality. The best materials I can afford, or get my hands on, hours of patiently knitting and re-knitting if I have to...and then there are the projects that teach me things, those usually get frogged and re-knit much more frequently than those that don't teach me something.

St. Margaret is obviously a Catholic School Teaching Nun!!

The first time through the beginning I was using a yarn that my cats absolutely adored...they thought it was so tasty to when my knitting was left unattended they took the opportunity to chew it up! I had barely enough of that yarn without sacrificing any to felines, so back to the stash I went.

My second time through, I completely omitted an entire series of increase...fine if I had wanted a sweater that fit across my back and didn't meet in the middle at the front. So frogged again.

Third time.....

There I am thinking things have finally settled down between us and that St. Margaret and I are going to get along.

Go on, click the picture and make it bigger!

Do you see them?

Not one, but TWO mistakes.

Here, I will help you out as members of my family couldn't spot them - of course you are knitters and have a keener sense of how these things should go, but anyway....

Mistake the first
Those two bits of cable are not supposed to touch! I knit the wrong chart way at the beginning. Now, in my defense I noticed that one when I took the picture.....
This one I didn't see until I was cropping the pictures!!!

I am pretty sure that cable was not supposed to do that.

These ones are right, and I hope they are the only ones that people notice because I am not frogging the Sainted lady again!

In response to the comment...No, Lara, I knit with metal needles so that they don't catch fire! :)

So what's on your needles?



Amanda said...

I only spotted the one. The others I could live with. You are going to spend quite a bit of time with this madam if this keeps up ;)

Karen said...

HI! I figure the miscrossed cables are just the "no one is perfect except God" part of us humans making things.

That said, the Yarn Harlot has a really great post out there somewhere about fixing the darn things, or at least making them less visible.

And that said, early in my knitting career I made an Aran style afghan and entered it in a contest. Just before I sent it off I noticed two crossing errors and I paid someone in my LYS quite a few dollars to fix them. DIdn't win anyway.

I love that sweater - it is beautiful and I know you will enjoy many happy years of toasty warmth when it is done.