Sunday, June 21, 2015

I said I would post before the end of June

As I sort of promised that I would show you some more of the 2014 Christmas knits before we got to the end of June 2015, I suppose I had better hurry up and post some pictures and stats before the entire month gets away from me!

Here we have TFB's (what is becoming traditional) Striped Christmas Hoodie. 

He wore holes in the last one and tried patching the holes himself with iron-on patches that I had stuffed in a drawer to repair the holes in knees of jeans for TOB.  The plan didn't work so well, for a number of reasons.

The first reason being that the patch, as it was made for denim jeans, didn't match the knitted red and grey fabric of his hoodie at all.

The second being he hadn't actually ever been taught the finer points of using an iron!  I will forever have an iron pattern in my dining room table!

But, back to the Hoodie.  It is a standard top-down-raglan cardigan with a zipper, two pockets and a hood.  He wore it most days until the temperatures starting rising to our Mid-West Summer normals, and even this past week when we had more Pacific Northwest temperatures and rain it got pulled out of the drawer and worn for parts of the day.

I know it sounds strange to the non-knitters in the world, but you know, it sort of warms the heart when socks and sweaters get worn so much they develop holes and thin spots.  Shows me that all the hours and effort I put in to making them were appreciated!