Friday, January 26, 2018

So much knitting....

I am having one of those periods of time where there is so much knitting going on...and I keep forgetting to get good photo's because rather than pick up a camera, I want to knit "just one more row" or  "one more pattern repeat."

But suffice to say, the third shawl for the month will be coming off the needles very soon, there were some fingerless mitts and a pair of socks as well, so lots of stitches moving from left hand to right. I also started revisiting a tank top pattern that I had stuffed in a file folder on my computer and ignored for just long enough that when people ask me questions about it...I have to look up the answers!  (note to self, organize that file folder, it is a mess of spread sheets and calculations!)

What hasn't happened?


None of the things I am working on have been blocked.

So rather than pretty pictures of finished objects...a random selection of partial knits!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018


In a surprising turn of events, TDQ didn't want pie for her birthday...she actually requested a cake!

While I work on the is her song for the day!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Making Magic Monday?

I had hoped that today would be one of those magical days where everything I do works out right, the first time!

Alas, it wasn't to be!

Not that everything went wrong, but nothing quite seemed to hit the mark from the time I got up until now! know, for a long time I have believed that what you focus on becomes your reality, and if you only ever focus on the things that didn't go right, that is all you will ever see!*

So now that I have given myself that attitude adjustment.

Some things that went right....

I didn't have to go anywhere at all in this today!  Yay!
This shawl came off the needles with yarn to spare!  (Within a yard of my estimate!)  Double Yay!
And these pink beads and cream yarn...they are going to be something pretty!

So how was your day?

*People can only upset you, or bring you down, when you give them permission to do so...Permission denied.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Still Not Into the Routine

The New Year is ten days old and I am still not back into my routines! (That's what happens when you take a vacation from just about everything for a while!)

The first new project of the year was cast on and cast off in rapid succession...I must work on getting some nicer pictures of the fingerless mitts I made using leftovers from the Christmas socks I knit for the kids.  Originally my plan had been to make some Franken Socks for myself (just use up those odds and ends) but then some bitterly cold weather and TDQ saying about how cold her hands were even with thin gloves, fingerless mitts and mittens on top when at work had me change the plan.

There are a couple of shawls on my needles, but nothing really worth talking about here...and my poor Amira is still sitting on the corner of my desk, whispering softly "Is it my turn yet?"....
But instead of dwelling on those things, I got the best surprise in the mail today.....
Yarn!  Lots of yarn, from a friend as a Belated Happy New Year present.

Nearly 12,000 yards of yarn.

I wonder what it will all grow up to be?


Why yes, I do have the best friends in the universe!