Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bottom of the Eleventh

Page that is!

My Velma's Ingrid is slowly growing into a cardigan. I tried it on myself and I think it is just the right amount of too big to fit the intended recipient!

Now I have to decide if I am going to put the body on hold and work the sleeves, or a sleeve and back to the body then the other sleeve, or keep going on the body until I reach the "just right" length and move on to the sleeves.

Now scroll back up and take a good look at the cables that run down the opening of the that pictured really well in your head?

Take a look at the other side!
Pretty clever, I say! So clever that I think I will be stealing this chart to use on something else later this year.

I showed you the start of DS#2's sweater a week or so back. I haven't touched it since.


Because if you want to watch tv at my house you can see this :

And boys who throw things at tv screens don't deserve hand knit sweaters, computer time or video games.*

Which means that Ingrid is my only active knitting project at the moment. All that will change when we get past collecting materials for the Bad Cat Knit Along, but until then I am dragging an adult size sweater to and from work each day.

Rather convenient that I got this in the mail to help!
Salsamelie won a cone of yarn from me in the ColourMart Fall Knitting contest and sent me this bag as a Thank You.

Perfect timing as I needed a knit toting bag this week.

Off to do some more knitting!


* and you would not believe how mean the fact that I will not run out and buy another tv makes me!!


Amanda said...

Did you say "slowly growing"? Talk about understatement. Its looking fabulous.

Jeri said...

It is looking delicious especially in that color blue!
I deliberately made the cable reversible so you can fold the collar down a little, and because i loved the idea of reversible cables, even before Lilly Chin started coming out with her book!
I guess it was in the air. 2 repeats would make a very pretty scarf, I think. although the density of the double sided cable can make it less than perfect for a scarf. But at a looser gauge....Any way, glad you liked it!