Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Way back when

Way back in 2004 the Yarn Harlot did a special posting in December, several of them actually with guest spots by daughters, of Gifts for Knitters. When I have nothing better to do, or I am trying to distract myself from finding new patterns to knit or work on the things that are already on my needles I will look back at those posts and think to myself "Wow, if only (insert name of whoever I want to buy me something) could look at that I might get (insert name of cool thing here)".

So how's about we all join in, leave me a comment with something that you the knitter would like for Christmas and we can make a whole Advent of Gifts for Knitters.

I will start us off with :

Square double pointed needles. I got to test these out last summer and while I thought the cable joins on the circulars ...well let's be lady like...were not up to Addi Turbo standards, the double points were wonderful to use. Many knitters knit on a single swatch over the course of TNNA, and to tell the truth even with different hands, different tensions and different knitting styles, you couldn't see where one knitter started and another left off. (I might have hedged my bets to make sure someone wraps these up for me for Christmas, the only question is which child will wrap them!)

Kollage needles can be found here If the knitter in your life hasn't tried them, maybe they should. :)

No knitting content from me today, still slogging through some hidden knitting!


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Amanda said...

Me, I'd love real pretty sock blockers .... maybe one day?