Thursday, December 10, 2009

And this.......

Highlighter tape is not just for quilters any more! I am not really sure what they use it for, I am not a quilter, but as a knitter I can tell you that highlighter tape has saved my stitches on more than one lace project. It is the best invention since stitch markers for complicated multi line charts and I make it a point to order some every time I order from WEBS. One in every color would not be a bad idea for your knitter this year!

I had a lovely surprise when I got my mail in today, this little pink package that had wound it's way from Cornwall, England was sent by order of Colleen. Wait until you see what is inside..ready?

You can bet that The Drama Queen has already given the lavender her own personal seal of approval and the search for perfect patterns is on! Although Dear Son #2 is our greenest green fan, that silk and merino sock yarn on the left is destined for MY feet. :)

Knitters really are the nicest, most generous, sharing people out there! Colleen, you made my day.


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Amanda said...

MMmm yummy yarn! The highlighter tape is a good idea. Can't get that here in Oz.