Friday, December 18, 2009

Gifts for THIS knitter

Amanda posted today about the generosity of knitters, and while in this case she was referring to some sock blockers that this knitter sent her, I think it is something I have seen over and over again after finding a Knitting Community online.

A knitter needs just a few more yards of a specific dyelot of yarn and another, maybe continents away not only has it but sends it for no reason other than generosity.

A yarn company does not ship outside it's own country's borders and a knitter in that country will forward yarn orders to parts distant, again for no reason, no requests for postage, just to be generous.

It goes beyond sending the occasional package to a virtual friend, Knitters without Borders has raised an exceptional amount of money because of the generosity of knitters.

Knitting is really a solitary project, only one knitter at a time manipulates yarn and needles to turn balls of string into wonderful things and yet the online knitting community, including knitting blogs, Ravelry, Yahoo and Google Groups, brings those solitary knitters together in ways that sitting at home with my ball of yarn and pattern does not.

So today, rather than a post about what to get your favorite knitter, you have a post about what you as the favorite knitter probably already do. This is a post about sharing your love for this craft in all it's variations. From sock knitting to aran sweaters, from lace shawls to baby blankets, share what you know and those things that you love.

Amanda did. Look what she sent to me!

A total surprise is hard to achieve when you live continents apart, but Amanda managed it. I thought she needed my address for something completely different!

She has good taste, doesn't she?


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Amanda said...

You are spot on about the knitting community Mary. And I'm glad you like the yarn - it does look good doesn't it!