Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did she see me coming?

Check out today's post from, none other than, the Yarn Harlot...Scroll down a little, you will see what I am talking about!

Now I have to try and keep my Gifts for Knitters different than hers, which as the Harlot has some really great knitting taste could be hard.

Now on to what I had planned to post about today. :)

So far we have needles and blockers designed for socks so what better for day 3 than sock yarn? But how do you pick, how do you know what your knitter loves? Although there are plenty of expensive, inexpensive, dramatically and subdued colors of sock yarn my first tip is BUY ENOUGH FOR A PAIR OF SOCKS...check the labels folks, look for the yardage because there is nothing worse than trying to match dyelots long after the yarn was bought. *Or in Stephanie's case, ever.* If the ball of yarn you are holding suspiciously has less than 400 yards, do everyone a favor and buy two. Better yet, buy the balls with more than 400 yards.**

Webs has a ton of sock yarn to pick from, all at discount prices. Pick a color and go shopping, maybe if you are lucky the socks that are knit from those precious balls will end up on your feet.


*the beginning of today's post talks all about matching dyelots.
** one of the knitting creeds is you can never have too much yarn, but just in case you get too much there are many monster sock patterns out there for leftovers.

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Amanda said...

Now that is good advice. I've reached the point that out of principle I will not by sock yarn that is stingy with its yardage.