Sunday, December 27, 2009


Every knitter worth their needles has a stash of more than yarn, somewhere maybe hidden, maybe right out for all to see if the UFO nest. Unfinished Objects sometimes sit quietly, and other times yell loudly for attention.

My UFO nest has had a good dusting and you have seen some of them become FO's in the last post. I have had Finishititis the last couple of days, which when you have a UFO nest is a good thing. Last year my motto was Finish It or Frog It and this year the nest was not too terribly bad, there is only one little tablecloth hiding out in there.

For Christmas I was gifted with some of the things off my Gifts for Knitters List...Ziploc Bags in all kinds of shapes and sizes for one. But I also got some yarn that really wasn't my style.

Bulky Weight and size 10.5 US needles put quick work to the three balls of yarn that arrived from Washington State. It's dry now and can go back!! :)

I cast on another pair of socks, these little quickies will be for one of my nieces for her birthday in a couple of days so I had better go knit!


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Amanda said...

A good way to end the year and think of all the lovies waiting for you in the new year! The scarf looks good.