Sunday, November 29, 2009

Things to do when you should be......

I should be knitting samples, I have the yarn, the store owner even sent me the needles when I moaned that I didn't have the right size. I have knit the first one, started the second and yet I find myself dreaming of other things.

What should you dream about when you have honest-to-goodness someone-is-waiting for this knitting to do? Well I started by begging the designer I know for a sock pattern, ok I didn't quite beg, just mentioned I was being distracted by sock patterns so she sent me another one to distract me some more (it's pretty, The Drama Queen will love it in purple for Christmas, maybe I can push said designer to publish it so I can share.) and then I distracted myself some more.

Deathflake is a chart that is available both on Ravelry and here. It reminds me of a certain nephew of mine so I pulled out some needles and knit it upside down as part of a cuff down sock. The prototype is nearly done, once it is I will have him check it for fit, already I know of a couple of changes to my basic pattern I want to incorporate into the next version...which then is the question. What do real designers do with their prototypes that don't quite work??



larascreations said...

LOL - gee, any designer I know?

I like the distractions....I'm trying to get a toe onto the first of my Seed Pods and catch up on email and blog reading! So far I remain toe-less and distracted.

You are busy! Now I'm distracted, too thinking that I also have nephews that would love that design.....(covers eyes)

Glad you like the Thanksgiving post :-).

Amanda said...

Why are knitters so good at distractions ;)
I'm on the final corner of Dark Star!