Thursday, December 17, 2009

knitting reads

We start with The Secret Life of a Knitter

Move on to a calendar

And some hand drawn cartoons.

Muggles, I mean non knitters, very often do not understand our passion with fiber and pointy sticks. Many times I have read hysterical (to me) blog posts from our favorite Yarn Harlot aloud only to have these blank faces stare at me while I collapse in a fit of giggles. Although the post about Joe and the Truck did make even the most serious of non knitter laugh.

Knitting humor is not just about misreading patterns and making three armed sweaters or crawling around on the floor of a bus trying to get that pesky double point back in your knitting where it belongs while an entire bus load of non-knitters try valiantly not to laugh, it is about taking the time to find the lighter side of complex lace patterns and super fine yarn.

I stole the picture from Amazon, and included the links for your shopping pleasure.

Speaking of pleasure, as soon as I can charge the camera batteries I have to share another knitters gift, this one was in my mail box when I got home and was a complete surprise!


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Amanda said...

I know what you mean. I've given up trying to share the Yarn Harlots tales with muggles. They don't even get the name!