Sunday, December 6, 2009

Knitting Content, Finally!

I finished my Deathflake socks a day or two ago. Actually I finished them twice, the first time one foot was longer than the other so I ripped back and fixed it.

Stats: Deathflake Socks from this chart
Bamboo and Ewe in Red
Berroco Comfort Socks in dusk
Size 3 US needles

December's challenge at SKA on Ravelry is to use up those leftovers, I have started with the stripes from my Miss Marple Socks, some cream that I don't even remember what socks and the grey from far so good. This will be my first short row heel and I am hoping that it turns out ok.

Now on to Gifts for Knitters part 6!

Many of the yarns I like to knit with come in hanks rather than balls. This is better for the yarn as it doesn't stretch it while it is lounging in my stash. For a long time when I wanted to convert that hank into a ball to knit from it was the chore of one of my children to hold the hank so that the yarn didn't get tangled, and then I saw this:
This swift can come apart in a jiffy to store in a cupboard, although mine seems to live all put together on a side table! This one is from The Knit Store, but if you are handy you could probably take this general idea and make your own version.

The countdown is on for Christmas at my house....we finally got some decorations out!

Please forgive the picture issues with those I "borrow" from other sites, I don't know how to resize them when they are someone elses!



Amanda said...

Your socks look great. My one attempt at colourwork was not a success but perhaps its time to give it a go again. I don't know what I would do without my swift or my ball winder - they are permanently set up.

Ruth said...

I own one of these swifts and they are wonderful.