Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday without the FO

Doing the gifts for knitters posts have certainly improved the number of times I am blogging in a month, but have not increased my knitting speed at all. I did cast on for a project that doesn't need to be finished until next spring, something I can just leave in the back room at work for those days I do get a lunch break!

The Soap Shed has some soaps that are specifically designed for the drying effects some yarns have on our hands, this one is nice but there is something about the smell of lavender that gets me all soft and cozy feeling so I like the one above!

If you are a knitter a bar of specialty soap partnered with a pretty knit cloth makes the perfect gift! If you are not a knitter, consider the gift of a pattern to go with the soap....twice the fun that way.


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Amanda said...

Oh yes, a good match!