Friday, April 14, 2017


It seems so long since I have posted a Finished Object Friday!  The last one was back in March with my version of Nancy Bellamy's Whispering Softly Cowl.  Not that I haven't been knitting and finishing things, or not finishing things as the case may be, but so much of what is on my needles is either a secret or a big project.

But, Sunday, right on my "adjusted" time table I knit the very last stitch of my Quill Cardigan, wove in the last end and sat back to admire her.  I tried her on pre-washing, stuffed my hands in the pockets and nearly, oh so very nearly, just decided to keep her on and forgo the usual finishing!

Don't worry, I was good and gave her  a bath and laid her out flat with a little prodding here and there to straighten out the hem and left her to dry.

Spring in Ohio was waiting for me to finish a nice worsted weight cardigan before arriving, so the day we could do photo's it was much too warm to keep her on for long!  (Which as I am someone who is always cold is a rare event!*)  But, anyway...

Presenting: Denim Quill
Pattern: Quill by Evie Scott Designs
Yarn Ella Rae Amity Heathers.
Total used: 629 grams or 1260 yards  
Size:  Medium

Needles:  US 5 [3.75mm] and US 7 [4.5mm]
Start Date:  February 18th, 2017
Finish Date:  April 9th, 2017 (before you ask why it took me so long, I only worked on it Saturday afternoons and Sundays!)
Mods:  I made the collar an inch wider than the pattern called for in my size to get a full "double breasted" look at the front.
General Notes: Knit as part of the KAL that was hosted in Evie's Group- what fun!  A group of very talented, ever so nice, knitters were knitting along with me.  The knit along continues until May 20th, so there is still time to join, and includes some wonderful prizes at the end. (A sweaters quantity of Cascade yarn for one!)
Pattern Notes: The pattern is well laid out, easy to read and includes several "landmarks" for knitters to follow.  Evie even includes how far away from well placed stitch markers and how far away from your last wrap and turn stitches you perform the next wrap and turn, in her short row instructions! 

Ok, ready to take a peak?

Back view :

You can see the turn down of the shawl collar at the top and the feather details running up the back

Front views:

 Open and wrapped shut, a shawl pin would hold the fronts in place very nicely, but I was too lazy to grab one for the photo shoot!

 Notice the pockets!  Can I say how in love with the pockets I am?  I adore pockets in things, I don't carry a purse so having pockets to slip my id/wallet/phone/keys/hands into is a great feature and these are the perfect size.  The three needle bind off on the front edge joining the pocket lining to the body of the cardigan gives them some stability so I won't be worrying about them stretching out of shape when I use them.

But the crowning achievement in the design of this one is certainly the feathers!

What would I change if I knit it again?  Having seen some fantastic pictures of how the sleeves look without picking up the wraps of the short rows, I think I would not pick them up and have that extra little detail along the tops of the sleeves.

I wonder what will turn up next on my needles?  What about you?  What are you working on?


*I mean I am seriously, always cold and not just that I feel cold to myself, I exude cold the way a child exudes a fever and heats their surroundings.  I could serve as our own air-conditioning unit some days.

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