Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Not Quite a Wip, Not Quite a Finished Object And....

While I have a finished shawl that just needs photos, a new piece on the needles that counts as a WIP and test knits and patterns flying through the internet, none of those are on my agenda to talk about today.

Wanna know what is?

I'm pretty excited about them

I'll give you two hints....

One of them is live and ready to view.

One of them is so close to being live and ready to view.......

A Tutorial and a Pattern in Knotions this month!

And, just because the shawl only needs a few little things done, like the ends woven in and the modeled pictures's about a teaser shot of her as well?

Tune in Friday for the full post about Fine-Tuned Socks!

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