Friday, April 21, 2017

It doesn't take much to amuze me some days!

Frogging 4000 stitches does mean that the FO Friday post I planned for "ain't gonna happen".  Especially as, after picking up all the stitches that needed to be picked back up (without a lifeline I might add) and it worked out perfectly, each and every stitch was in its proper spot and accounted for, knitting those ten rows I frogged again in a slightly different manner.....I did the "I never do this" again and changed my mind. So another 4000 stitches are scheduled to be frogged.

Heh, it is only knitting, right?  (Yeah folks, this is what I do for fun!)

But in other news, because honestly unless you want to see me rip back 4000 stitches again and laugh at my follies., I have nothing to show you..this post on Ravelry this evening just cracked me up!

"Hello crochet lovers!
We are looking for crocheters to work with us knitting our line of shawls and ponchos. We are based in Los Angeles and would prefer to hire local knitters but we are open to other cities within the US as well."

While there are people who crochet and knit, and vise versa.....asking specifically for crocheters to knit your line of shawls sounds a little off, don't you think?

(Hopefully my next batch of frogging and picking up stitches will go as well as the last batch.)

Wish me luck!


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