Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Not the Usual Post

Ever have one of those days where you felt like you were, well, the 75 watt bulb in the 100 watt pack?  Just not quite bright enough?  Just a little overwhelmed?

That was me yesterday.

Yesterday I decided that the edging on my Colourmart Spring Contest Shawl just wasn't....well...singing to me the way it should. I decided the only thing to do was to re-chart it (because that edging that looked sweet in miniature only looked saccharine full sized) and rip it out.

Of course, I was ten rows into the edging when I decided that.

Ten rows of over 400 stitches into that.

4000 stitches to be ripped out, with many little tiny beads too boot.

Oh lifeline!

When I posted on Instagram about it, one of the comments I got was "You're insane..."  Which may be true, but....I did manage to rip those ten rows, pick up all remaining 403 stitches and move on to bigger and better frustrations! 

Vector Graphics that kept cutting off at the bottoms!

Submission photos that were too large to email and drop box not working for me...

At the time the list seemed endless.

I literally ended up looking myself in the eye in the bathroom mirror and asking "What would I tell a coaching client?  What questions can I ask myself that will reduce the frustration, get everything done and not drive me crazy?"

Some things got pushed aside, others I found ways to do differently so the day ended up with me going to bed satisfied that not only had I done my best to fulfill my "to do" list, there were no lingering fires so that this morning I could.....

Go be the assistant at a sheering day on an alpaca farm!
Added bonus, I drove home with my trunk filled with alpaca and llama fleeces!  Anyone have a drum carder they want to loan me?

Not many pictures of my day, I was busy!  My knees and hips are going to let me know all about it in the morning I am sure.

How was your day?


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