Friday, April 28, 2017

And then they were done.....

Well, actually, mine have been done for a while now!

Presenting : Fine-Tuned Socks, by Yours Truly!
Free for you on the Knotions Website this Saturday, April 29th.

It all started with an auto-correct gone wrong!  You may recall that was the story behind the name of my Disco Tuned Socks, every time a certain Raveler was trying to answer a question I had about using a discontinued yarn, her phone auto-corrected discontinued to Disco Tuned.  As Disco Tuned was going to be part of what I am referring to as a collection of socks based on music, Side Note Socks because they don't fit with another musical project based purely on key signatures, it set the stage for all of the Side Note Socks to have Tuned in their name. 

Fine-Tuned Socks are a cuff down sock, with heel flap and gusset, and a modified wedge toe.  As with all my socks (thus far) you can substitute out the heel or toe for the one that fits you best. (If you need suggestions for alternates check out the Knotions E-Book, SockStar)

My write up for them goes :

If knitting were music, the stitches would be the keys and the repeats would be the time signature. If knitting were music, a simple two-by-two rib could be translated into the Key of C (No sharps or flats, just natural notes), in 2/2 time, (or cut time). Changing just a few stitches (the notes) to cables or lace (sharps or flats) the entire musical world is at your knitting fingertips. Waiting at the symphony, or the ballet, before the performance starts, each musician tunes their instrument. They do not listen to each other and from the audience it sounds like a mixed up medley of sounds until the conductor approaches and after the introduction and a moment of silence, those fine tuned instruments come together to create beautiful music.

Fine Tuned Socks are the warm up in the orchestra pit. Twisted stitches and eyelet lace motifs, on the front, and a basic ribbed back of these cuff down socks, give you the best of the “ribbed socks fit so well” and “patterns socks seem to knit up so quickly” worlds and bring all the discordant tones of the orchestra warm-up together into a classic melody.

I knit mine with Knit Picks Stroll in DogWood Heather but if you check out some of the Ravelry projects you can see that they look fabulous in everything from deep purple to pink/green variegated yarns.

Tune in Monday to hear about a (completely unrelated to my socks) KAL that I am co-hosting with some of my friends! (Although if you follow the link you can learn a little about it today!  Starts Monday, so check out the bundle, pick out your yarn and be ready to go when we officially start knitting.)

In the meantime I have to clear some space on my needles for my project, and maybe get some of the projects I have going off my desk!

What are you working on this weekend?


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