Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Eggs - Not Really

Applying edits to a pattern

MockUp of Set for Photos

Starts of a Project

Middles of a Project

Testing the mock up

Nap after a hard day of catching sunbeams.
The kids and I have this little game we like to play after watching Dr Who.  Do you remember the episode where one of the versions of Clara had to answer questions with a single word?  We come up with one-work spoilers for the episode.  This time mine was Invitation.  But, if you haven't watched the episode it won't make sense and if you have...tell me, was that not a good spoiler?

Other things to look for..did you see Susan? (The very first companion, how sweet!) A mug full of sonics?  Beethoven? Shakespear? The blackboard from Class? The nod to Clara? I am sure there were more little things in there I missed.

Happy Easter!  Those are the only easter eggs I have for you!


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