Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Miles of Garter Stitch Collar

I love the feel of garter stitch, all soft and squishy.  It's very nature just makes me want to wrap up in it and be warm and cozy.

If you take a close look at it you will find that it has a 2:1 ratio.  Every two rows in height equals one stitch in width.  Whereas stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row) has a 3:4 ratio where every three rows in height equals four stitches in width.  Not a huge difference you would think, but, it does mean that a projected 7 inch non-buttoned band on each of the fronts and a shawl collar that I think is now going to be about 10 inches deep, is a lot of garter stitch to knit!

My original plan had a band/collar that was 2 inches shorter than what I am now going to knit, but  a quick test try on just before the original 5 inches told me that I would not be happy unless I could really wrap up in my new cardigan, so Quill and myself will be spending yet another couple of days at Collar Cove this coming weekend.

During the week I am working on other things...

Unplanned Peacock Twinkle Lace

Playing with pretty blue yarn that didn't want to play fair! (I should never has asked it on Instagram what kind of trouble we could get into!  I was expecting the kind of trouble that comes with wild, late night knitting parties, she had in mind the kind where math eludes me!)

Beads and Nupps
 But on a happy note the beaded and nupped white "thing" is behaving very well.  This one is my entry to the Colourmart Lover's Group's Spring Contest/Craft Along.  I am a little over 65% of the way through and have several more weeks to get her completed, which is good because although each row represents a greater percentage of the shawl, they are starting to get long!

Big Beads and Little Ones

Lattice Spine
But all these big ticket knits mean one thing....I won't have anything finished by Friday!  I wonder what I will come up with to share with you?

What are you working on this week?


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