Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WIP Wednesday or How it Goes

Someone, I am not sure who, could have been one of the kids or a random stranger that I met along the way, decided that the best gift they could offer to share with me this year was "the crud".

I wish to return it.

So far, I have found no-one that will take it without a receipt, even for store credit.

So this WIP Wednesday post will be brief, because really all I want to do is curl up in a corner with my box of kleenex and Rx Cough medicine (that will apparently play nicely with the other things I have to take but knocks my on my "donkey".)

My Mitts are finished.

More about them on Friday for a full FO post.

Something else jumped on the needles....three times actually because although that cough medicine does stop me from sounding like I have "the bloody plague" it does not play well with counting.


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