Saturday, December 3, 2016

Finished Object Friday - No Saturday!

No, you do not need to check your calendar or your work schedule, today is indeed Saturday and I did not post my finished Arundale Vest on Friday.  (Bad Blogger!)

I got a bit side tracked, and I going to send you there too!

The new issue of Knotions went live today!  I'm not in this one, hmmm I seem to be saying that a lot recently, in fact ever since it went to publishing monthly!  But that doesn't mean that my love for the online magazine has faded in the least!  Or my appreciation for the editor.

I might have created a small list of things I want to this, which I think would look fabulous in an Unplanned Peacock Yarn (just saying!)  and this which would be great for using up some bulky yarn that you have in your stash.

There are a lot more there, but those two caught my eye immediately and got added to my never ending list of things I want to knit, now!  (Must Knit All the Things!)

But on my needles and from my needles....

Arundale Vest in Fall Colors.

Before Thanksgiving Knit Picks had their Big Sale and at first I said I was underwhelmed with it, but as it turns out I ended up placing not one, not two, but three orders!  I knew the sale was coming and had squirreled away some funds from designing etc to pay for them, and even with three orders came in (just) under budget.  Part of what I got for that budget was some Wool of the Andes Sport in (dollar deal!) Brown Sugar, Caution and Orange.  (yes, yes, if you know me you know that orange is my least favorite color, but it was a dollar!  So I got 5.  Other people like orange!)

I think, and please don't tell me that I am wrong, those special dollar deal colorways go really well together in this finished object....

And, as crumpets are the official food of the Gift A Long, and required for an official Gift A Long finished object photo......

And now, I am all about some socks!


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