Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Teaser Tuesday

A while ago I was having a conversation with a college student (not one of my kids, but the grown child of a friend who had finally taken the plunge to go back to school) and she was saying that the biggest problem she was having, short of the Algebra classes, was deciding what she wanted to be.

What would she major in and spend the rest of her life doing?  Until she decided those things she felt that all she could take were the general education and refresher courses but looking at the news and job market forecasts she was stuck.  Deciding what she wanted to be forever was a daunting task.  What if she picked something she ultimately hated doing, or that the job market wasn't there for? Or something she loved but didn't provide enough income to support herself?

The What If's were holding her back, and seriously driving her crazy. 

So I suggested she change the questions.

Instead of "What do I want to do for the rest of my life?"  change the question to "What do I want to do next?"

Instead of "What if ..." change the question to "What then..."  and then don't be afraid to try something to see if it works, if it doesn't move right the way back to "What next?"

Which is a very long way of bring us to...What is next for me?

Well this week, the what is next is a sock pattern!

I have been playing with the idea of turning musical signature keys into patterns off and on all year.  This one will be the first in a series that will be loosely known in my mind as a Riff the Rib pattern, because as many sock knitters know there is nothing like the fit of a nice ribbed sock.  But, as many sock knitters know, there is nothing like the boredom of knitting a nice ribbed sock! 

Tune in Thursday for the official release, but in the meantime....a teaser photo for you. 

The socks were graciously modeled by TFB as they were to be TOB's Christmas socks and they were a surprise! (How I managed to knit a whole pair of socks in his colors without his noticing I shall never know.)

In case you were wondering, this one is based on The Key of D.

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