Friday, December 30, 2016

It Ain't Over Yet, Folks!

Although, technically this is the last Finished Object Friday for 2016, I might have cast on just one more project for the Indie Designer's Gift Along on Ravelry. If I can get enough knitting time in between cleaning house, prepping food and chatting on the Chat Thread, I am hoping to have that one more project (which is in three pieces) done before the Gift Along ends at midnight EST tomorrow.

But for today I have two finished objects to share.

First up, the mitts!

I first became aware of Kelly G Knits when she had a rather epic piece in Knotions earlier this year.  I wanted to cast that on so badly, but even with as immense as my stash is, I just didn't have enough of any single yarn to knit.  But, I digress!

As part of the Gift Along I have been trying to knit designs from designers that I hadn't actually knit from before, and seeing Kelly G's  Ceilidh Fingerless Gloves I knew I had to knit them and that I would love them.  I was right!  The cables in them are so much fun, a little different from anything I would have designed and certainly not a cable pattern I had knit before.

A 100% merino wool made them ever so soft and cozy and I knit the thumb cuffs a little longer so that I could, if I wanted cover my thumbs or cuff them when I wanted to use my thumbs.  The ribbing at the fingertip edge does the same thing, so it certainly looks consistent with the design.

The next thing to jump on my needles was Herringbone Toque by Christine Guest.  This is one clever design!  Knit on the bias with short rows, a line of grafting that completely disappears into the pattern and it is almost like knitting origami.  It comes in three sizes, this is the medium, and in a red wool blend will make a nice warm addition to our hat collection.  (In the midwest, when you need a hat, you certainly need it to be warm!)

So let's look back over the Gift Along....

I started with A Vest from Emma Sadler,

then some Socks from Annina Paivarinta,

 followed by a Shawl by Clarice Gomes,

 three Sneaky Hats from Hunter Hammersen,

A Squishy Cowl by Nina Machlin Dayton,

the mitts and the hat seen above......counting on my fingers that is 7 projects from 7 project categories, featuring 7 different designers......


So in this Knit Along there is a 9th contest.  I am stealing the introduction to it wholesale...

"Calling all gift-a-long superheroes!!
Are your needles faster than a speeding bullet? Is your crochet hook more powerful than a locomotive? Can you complete tall projects in a single bound? If so then this is the challenge for you!
What is an Opadoo and how do you tame it?
Once upon a time there was a little girls named Addie, daughter of GAL moderator gwenschweitzer whose favorite animal in the whole wide world was (and still is) an Octopus. But being a very little girl she called her beloved animal an Opadoo. After posting this contest last year some quick minded GAL participants made the connection between an “Opadoo”, which has 8 arms, and the GAL challenge, which has 8 KAL/CALs, and so, “Taming the Opadoo” was born!"

The only category I am missing?  Baby and Kid's Items, not toys.

Excuse me while I go knit some booties and a hat!

Check in tomorrow to see if I got it together in time or not!

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