Friday, December 16, 2016

One More Friday to Go

Why do I do this to myself?

Why do I think that somehow, with the aid of a TARDIS, I can magically warp the space time continuum into something a little more flexible than the one I live in?

Why do I think that somewhere I have an extra set or two of hands and arms and can put them all to different tasks at the same time?

Why do I suddenly, even though we have all known this date is coming since...well about since this date last year, think that I can squeeze in just one or two more "little projects?"  You know, like an even dozen wash cloths or pairs of socks?

I don't know either!

I do have a couple of little somethings to share....not the shawl that should have already been long off the needles, blocked and ready to ship!

Just a couple of cute little hats from the Indie Gift Along.

The pattern is Icy Seas by Hunter Hammersen.  You can get it like I did in a book from Knit Picks, or as part of a  collection of full size and mini sized hats directly from Ravelry.  Each little mini hat takes just a few yards of yarn and I thought I had such a perfect sneaky plan for using them.  I was going to use the leftovers from each of the kids' Christmas socks and make a little hat to act as the gift tag on their gift bags for Christmas.  No names, so it wouldn't be so easy to know which bag was for which child and help prevent snooping.

I obviously didn't think that one through too far as one child is getting rainbow socks, one green socks and one red socks.  And they know who is who!

Best laid plans, eh?

Each hat doesn't take very long, and I still have one more to knit before the dreaded, I mean anticipated day.

Now can I get this shawl off my $%#%$% needles so that it can get in the mail on Monday?

Tune in to find out!


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