Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cast On, Cast Off

I know that Wednesday's are for Works In Progress, but I am going to give you the teaser photo for the finished object first...details coming on Friday...and then talk about the latest thing to jump on my needles!


Two of them!

Just about a perfect match on the stripes, and this time around I didn't even try to match them.

For the past few years my ex-MIL has been sending me yarn.  The first time it was one ball of some cheap acrylic, so I cast on a few stitches and knit a dropped stitch pattern into and sent it back to her.  The second year, a slightly larger quantity of a slightly better quality acrylic, same deal.  Over time, as she is getting the yarn back as something, her choices have started including natural fibers and larger quantities.  Last year she got back an entire sweater!

It hit me the other day I have not knit anything with Christmas 2015's yarn and I have to mail it across the country.

A win of a pattern code during the Indie Gift Along gave me an excuse to get a new shawl pattern, from a new to me designer.  Travessia by Clarice Gnomes
 I put her on the needles today.  Now if I can just stay off the Chat Forum long enough to actually knit her, I will be golden!


PS, in real life news............I want my McGyver Badge!

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