Saturday, December 31, 2016

And that, said Roo, is that!

Where I am sitting there are just a few hours left to 2016.  My kids are all anxiously awaiting a new (and hopefully great) year, while I am looking back and wondering where this one went!

2016 saw my first third party publication submission, and acceptance, and as it would happen my second, third, and fourth.

It saw new habits being formed.

New ventures being explored.

Lots of knitting.

And the taming of a certain octupus!

You guessed it, I did it!

Presenting Veronique Bonnet and Booties by Suzie Sparkles. (isn't that  a great name?)

I can remember knitting booties and hats of a very similar construction when my kids were in the "are they ever arriving" stage.  Truly classic designs and they knit up in a flash.  I think grand total I spent about 3 hours on the set. 

This set is now living safely with the baby blankets that I knit a couple of years ago in the hopes that one day I will have grandchildren to spoil. (Although all three of mine say it is never going to happen!)

And my collage for the GAL Opadoo Taming Entry thread.

The Indie Gift Along is winding to a close at a furious pace, pattern codes being thrown around with gay abandon, projects being knitted and crochet on furiously to beat that deadline!

I'll be kind of sad to see it end.

Kind of like 2016.

Sometimes it is hard to turn the page and see What next?

Happy New Year!


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