Friday, September 2, 2016

If you have my week ....

I can't believe it is Friday already!  Somewhere in the space time continuum I seem to have missed out on at least Tuesday and Thursday!  If you got my days by mistake can you return them?  I could use an extra one or two in the upcoming weeks.

I was telling a friend, that I have this little calendar that is supposed to keep me on track, and doing the things that I need to each day of the week.  Well, the garbage did go out before the truck ran through the neighborhood, so I guess it worked to an extent!

You would think with a  nickname like needles-on-fire I would have a fancy finished object to show you...but this week you would be oh so very wrong!

But, what did I spend my time on?

Let's see....editing, editing, editing, waiting on emails, editing, editing...working on samples, knitting I can't share, editing...

Do you catch a theme here?

This was the week I got not one, not two, but three patterns back from an editor, which means going back through my files and answering questions, making changes, saving new pdfs, sending them back, catching one error, finding two more...

Which can only mean we are getting really close to a pattern release!

The test knitters had a ball with this one!  With comments ranging from "this is the first time I have felt comfortable knitting lace" to "Yes, I am knitting another one!" I think that they enjoyed this pattern as much as I did.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you have already seen these teaser photo's as part of my countdown to next weeks pattern release,

 but they are certainly worth sharing again.

Aren't they pretty?

During the test knit I kept wanting to get myself some dreamy green yarn or some deep bold red yarn and have two more shawls just like these!

Project envy!

With all the "behind the scenes" things I have been working on there has been no time for my personal knitting, so as it is still light and the cicada's have (mostly) shut up, I am headed for the patio with my knitting!


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