Wednesday, September 14, 2016


For all the hours I have spent knitting this week, I seem to have spent just as many "un-knitting" or tinking!

I swatched in preparation for the Colourmart Lovers Fall contest,
and came up with a plan that I would knit, then decided that someone less out there than I am might want a slightly less cumbersome version so I started doing math for that.

Yeah, that swatch got just a little bit out of hand.

First time around it appeared to be perfect, but the row count for the color changes didn't please me as much as they did in the fingering weight version, so I ripped out the swatch and tried again.

And promptly forgot how to count.

So again...and again. Let's just say that nothing else has been knit since then and call it a day!

In other knitting news I hit the half way point in my Nana's Cottage. It will all be down hill from here as the stitch counts decrease through the second wing.

I sincerely hope that TDQ appreciates it.

Speaking of TDQ, she and the "other daughter" found a knitting machine at Michael's today. 
She sat for about a half hour to knit up a blank that (hopefully) she will dye for me to knit a nice cozy cowl with!

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