Friday, September 30, 2016

Thunder, Lightening and a Cowl

"The nicest thing about rain is that it always stops. Eventually."  A. A. Milne

Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years, I am used to rain. Although the rain in Ohio is different, I don't mind it.  I actually find the sounds of rain quite restful. It has been raining (mostly) and thundering (loudly) and there has been lightening (brightly), which adds a little something to the quieter (and sometimes not so quiet) sounds of water falling from the sky.

But it really does put a damper* on being able to get decent finished object photo's to share.

Still not washed or blocked, but....a test knit cowl is officially off the needles!

Pretty, huh?

Well, I have miles and miles to knit on my Colourmart piece, so I am off to find a comfy chair and play my music too loud and knit away my weekend.

What do you have planned?

*pun certainly intended.

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