Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Another Week is Getting Away!

Why is it, that no matter how organized I try to be.  Not matter how many "to do" lists I make and check items off.  No matter how earlier I get up and how late I go to bed...the week just gets away from me?

Maybe, in this case, it is because I spent Monday trying to catch up to the things I usually do on Sunday.  The Monday things, obviously, then trickled over to Tuesday and here it is Wednesday and I am not ready for us to be this far into the week already!

Usually Wednesdays would be for my Works in Progress but instead let's talk about Sunday.

Sunday was Wool Gathering!  Held at Youngs Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Wool Gathering is one of the few fiber festivals that I actually get to go to.

We have a routine when we go and we follow it pretty strictly each time.

First we walk around all the tents and I make a shorter list from my short list that I took with me, of what I might want to buy.  The rule is no buying on the first go round!  If I am meant to have something it will still be in the booth when I come back.  Then we get a snack and watch the sheep shearing (because, really how could that ever get old?  The sheep always look so bemused about the whole affair.)  if the timing is right we then watch the dog herd ducks around a little obstacle course (this year with the added bonus of a wayward sheep joining the fun.) then we go back and I make my carefully planned purchases.

Once the pack mules are loaded up we go stand in line for ice cream and I hit the cheese shop and if there were any demonstrations that we wanted to see, we go back and see them, but usually by then everyone is tired, cranky and feeling very full so we go home.

This year was a little different in that I was networking with yarn dyers, the owner of a yarn truck or just visiting with "old friends"

Speaking of old friends....what do you think of this?

The color is aptly called Crazy, and I think that the stitch pattern I played with suits it as it is also a little crazy!

Guesses on what it grew up to be?

Post your guess in the comments, on my Instagram feed or on Facebook...maybe you will get a free copy of the pattern for your guess!


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Anonymous said...

I think that's really amazing! Using that yarn makes the stitch look even more complicated. I kind of think it's like a peacock (from the shape) who got into a crayon box.

I'm sure there are lots of things it could have become, but my choice would be a scarf or cowl - it would be useful on any colour coat in the fall/winter. I think it would make a winter day feel brighter!

Thanks for sharing
Chris S in Canada